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    Surgery Life Enhancement provides the best options available to increase your length and girth.


    SLE utilizes  state of the art surgical and non surgical techniques that are unrivaled among other phalloplasty clinics.


    With over 20 years experience, you can expect tried and tested enlargement methods that have been honed to perfection.

    Enlargement Surgery

    Penile lengthening can be accomplished via enlargement surgery, or phalloplasty.


    Surgery Life Enhancement performs the penis enlargement surgery through a stealth incision located in the scrotum. The scrotal incision directly benefits the penile size results achieved.


    Other phalloplasty clinics perform a transverse, or vertical incision just above the penis located in the suprapubic region.


    Moving the cosmetic scar away from the penis insures that enlargement gains will not be hindered.


    The lengthening procedure is performed during an erect penile state. The erect penile state provides the surgeon more access to the suspensory ligament.


    To increase the effectiveness of the penile lengthening surgery, the procedure is performed with penile traction.


    Lengthening procedures performed with penile traction provides additional suspensory ligament access to the surgeon. Increased ligament access provides the potential for max length gains.

    PMMA Girth Procedures

    PMMA is the leading option when it comes to non surgical male enhancement.


    Surgery Life Enhancement offers a variety of PMMA girth enhancement packages. Non surgical PMMA injections are available in 30cc to 80cc volumes to increase penile girth.


    Similar to SLE phalloplasty procedures, PMMA girth injections are performed with the penis in the erect state.


    Erect penile PMMA provides a truly aesthetic girth result in both the flaccid and erect state.


    PMMA girth injections is an outpatient procedure performed at our surgery center applying the strictest safety protocols developed by our Phallocare doctors.


    Surgery Life Enhancement is the leading girth injection provider. With hundreds of successful PMMA procedures performed, SLE is men's 1st choice when it comes to elite male enhancement.

  • PMMA Girth Enhancement Procedure Videos

    Surgery Life Enhancement is the premier clinic providing men penile enlargement since 1996!

    PMMA Procedure Video

    Dan Salas takes you into the procedure room.

    Erect penile girth injections is a viable alternative to penile enlargement surgery. The PMMA procedure can safely add inches of size for any man. PMMA is permanent girth solution and provides a value that lasts a lifetime.

    Medical Penis Enlargement Procedures

    PMMA Girth Enhancement and Lengthening Surgery Results

    Surgery LIFE Enhancement reviews their latest length & girth medical procedures in their latest exclusive video release. For more information about state of the art penis enlargement for Length & Girth visit: SLE today!